Honor Society

Honor Society

GACS sponsors a Christian Honor Society for junior and senior high students of member schools.  The Honor Society has proved to be a very helpful organization in providing recognition to those students who excel in academic and spiritual areas.  Parents of the members are invited to the induction services in many of the participating schools, and this is an excellent opportunity to involve parents in your school activities.

The Society stresses “leadership through service,” and schools with Honor Society chapters utilize the talents and abilities of members in worthwhile service activities in the school, the church, and the community.  This is valuable training for the young people who are recognized as honor students.

Each year, Christian college scholarships of approximately $750 are presented to one or more graduating seniors who are members of the GACS Christian Honor Society.  This program has been an encouragement to many of our graduates over the years and has provided needed assistance to those who have enrolled in Christian colleges.

Nominations for membership should be made by schools once a year.  Membership rosters are to be submitted to the GACS office during the first semester of each year on forms provided.  All forms require verification from the Principal that all students nominated meet the minimum standards established by the Association.

Note: If you would like to view the GACS Honor Society by-laws, you can do so by clicking the link here. Honor Society By-Laws

  • Chapters must be registered annually using the Chapter Registration Form.  Registration Deadline – November 1
  • Membership rosters may be submitted semi-annually.  Initial Deadline – November 1; Deadline for additions/deletions – January 31
  • Pins and certificates may be ordered at any time during the school year using the Pins & Certificates Order form.
  • Scholarship applications are due each year mid April.  Students applying for scholarships MUST take either the SAT or the ACT early enough in the school year so that their scores are available to be submitted with the application.