The Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA) is the athletic division of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS). It was established in 1972 and operates under the by-laws of GACS. The purpose of GCAA, as stated in the GCAA Athletic Manual, is “to teach Christian athletics and build Christian character through Christ-centered competition and regulate such inter-scholastic relationships through and by a governing body composed of its own member schools.”

Requirements for participation in GCAA consist of qualifying for membership in GACS, subscription to the rules and regulations of GCAA as written in the GCAA Athletic Manual, and payment of required GCAA dues.

GCAA schools participate in a variety of sports including football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, and other sports where there is sufficient demand. For competition purposes, most sports are divided into regions to minimize traveling distances to games, playoffs, and tournaments. Regional championships are determined leading to state championships through playoffs or tournaments. All trophies and awards are provided by GCAA.

GCAA is regulated by the GCAA Athletic Manual which clearly outlines procedures for any school interested in athletic  participation. Schools are divided into Class A and Class AA for all sports where this is practical or necessary. Regular GCAA meetings are held three times a year – in July, January, and April. Special meetings can be called when needed.

In a day when secular athletics has deteriorated to an emphasis on materialism and a “win at any cost” philosophy, the opportunity to enjoy athletic competition with schools which hold to Christian principles is very beneficial to our Association. This is one of the services provided to member schools by GACS.

GACS welcomes participation in GCAA from any member school. Further information on GCAA and athletic competition may be obtained from the Athletic Commissioner whose name and address are found in the current GACS Membership Directory. A copy of the GCAA Athletic Manual may be purchased by member schools from the GCAA office.

Jerry Lanier Scholarship

The Testimony of Jerry Lanier – God’s Servant

On June 3, 1995, Mr. Jerry Lanier, at the age of 51, went to be with the Lord.  His home-going was sudden and unexpected by his family and friends, but it was in God’s plan and has been given over to His wisdom.

Mr. Lanier left a wonderful legacy through his commitment to the Lord and his great contribution to Christian education.  After 18 years of experience in business as a dedicated Christian, he was called of the Lord into service as a Christian educator.  He served as a teacher, coach, and administrator at Open Bible Christian School in Valdosta and administrator at Central Fellowship Christian Academy in Macon.

During the last five years of his life, Jerry Lanier contributed greatly to the Georgia Association of Christian Schools and the Georgia Christian Athletic Association by serving for three years as GACS Vice-President and two years as Athletic Commissioner.  He was a tremendous asset to GACS, always more than willing to help in any way possible to further the cause of Christian education and the ministry of the Association.  His unusual touch with people – one of humility, sensitivity, sincere respect, and genuine Christian love – is something that is greatly needed among those who name the Name of Christ.

At his funeral it was noted by one of the speakers that, “Jerry was a giver, not a getter.  In any situation, some people look first to themselves and wonder how they can benefit.  The givers, however, look to others and determine how they can encourage and uplift those in need.  Jerry was always a giver.  He gave of himself for the glory of the Lord and the help of others.”

Also, Brother Lanier was a skillful and truly “Christian” coach.  He coached girls’ basketball for many years and had many successful teams.  His four daughters were excellent players and went on to play Christian college basketball.  More than for his win-loss record, however, Jerry will be remembered as a coach who was the epitome of sportsmanship in both winning and losing.  Under his leadership and following his example, His teams won with humility and lost with dignity, always endeavoring to honor to the Lord.

Because of Brother Lanier’s unusual and beneficial impact for Christ within the GCAA, it was suggested shortly after his death that a “Jerry Lanier Memorial Scholarship Fund” be undertaken to provide Christian college scholarships for student athletes who graduate from GACS schools.  Even though these scholarships will be given to graduates who have participated in GCAA athletics, the main emphasis will be on rewarding Christian character and sportsmanship.

The guidelines for the Jerry Lanier Memorial Scholarship can be found on the left side of this page, along with the application materials.  As the scholarship application process is undertaken, it is the desire of GACS that the students who apply will not only know about the testimony of Mr. Jerry Lanier, but will be influenced by his faithful witness for Christ and the unselfish and humble spirit which we remember.